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Below we explain what cookies are, how they work, which cookies we use and how you can restrict or prevent their use.

General information

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the browser stores on your end device when you visit a website. This stored data is usually used to make your browsing experience as positive as possible. There are different types of cookies, for example essential cookies, analytical cookies or cookies that are collected for marketing purposes.

Whenever you visit the Fahrdienst Langen website or use any other service provided by Fahrdienst Langen, information is collected and stored via cookies. The advantage of cookies for you is that your browsing experience can be made as positive as possible, because your habits and needs can be recognized. Cookies help to provide, keep up to date and constantly improve services.

Via the cookie settings you have the possibility to view or change your selection at any time.

Verwendete Cookies

Cookies sind klassifiziert nach Herkunft, Zweck oder Ablaufzeit. Die von Fahrdienst Langen verwendeten Cookies dienen unterschiedlichen Zwecken und ihre G├╝ltigkeitsdauer ist variabel.

1. Origin


Tags is an umbrella term for code sections that can be integrated on websites for various functions, such as simple counts ("counting pixels") or complex data transfers (e.g. "conversion tag").

Pixel (also pixel tag, tracking pixel, 1x1 pixel)

This technique refers to a graphic which, due to its small size of 1x1 pixel, is visually undetectable when visiting a website and is usually transparent. One pixel can transmit only very limited information, e.g. signal "1" (goods bought) or "0" (goods not bought).

Script (also JavaScript)

The scripting language, analogous to a programming language, is capable of executing more complex instructions.

2. Purpose

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential and ensure that our website functions properly and that your preferences (e.g. language, region) are stored.

Listed below are all the essential cookies that our website uses:

Name Provider Description Duration Privacy
fahrdienst_langen_session Fahrdienst Langen Needed to identify your current session. 2 Stunden Open
cookie_consent Fahrdienst Langen Saves your selected cookie preferences. 1 Jahr Open
locale Fahrdienst Langen Saves your selected language. 1 Jahr Open
XSRF-TOKEN Fahrdienst Langen Used to avoid cross-site request forgery. 2 Stunden Open

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow us to analyze the use of the website and improve the visitor experience.

Listed below are all the analytical cookies that our website uses:

Name Provider Description Duration Privacy
_ga Google Analytics Contains a randomly generated user ID. This ID allows Google Analytics to recognize returning users on this website and merge data from previous visits. 2 Jahre Open
_ga_8HPD3KJGC8 Google Analytics Contains a measurement ID and indicates which data stream sends data to our Google Analytics instance. 1 Jahr Open

3. Validity

Through special browser settings, you can accept, block or disable all or some cookies on your device. You can find corresponding instructions for the most common browsers here:

Even if your browser settings have been changed to block certain cookies, you can still access information from the entire Fahrdienst Langen website. However, the operation or use of certain services offered by Fahrdienst Langen might be restricted.

If you have consented to the use of cookies, you can withdraw this consent at any time. Existing cookies will then be deleted.

Disable cookies with third-party providers

Fahrdienst Langen reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy, provided that changes are made to the configuration and/or use of cookies. An updated version will be published on this website.